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Canary Islands: Heavy Fines Imposed for Sand and Pebble Collection on Beaches

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Vacation memories often include souvenirs, but if you’re fond of collecting sand and pebbles from beaches, think twice before doing so on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Recent reports reveal hefty fines ranging from INR 13,478 to INR 2.69 lakh for individuals caught removing natural materials from these islands’ beaches.

The decision to enforce fines stems from the significant loss of volcanic material on Lanzarote’s shores annually and the depletion of sand from Fuerteventura’s iconic Popcorn Beach. With a surge in visitor numbers and extreme drought conditions exacerbating resource strain, the Canary Islands face a critical situation, prompting a water emergency declaration on Tenerife.

Beware: Heavy Fines Imposed for Sand and Pebble Collection on Canary Islands Beaches

Authorities face challenges in enforcing fines, as confiscated items at airports may not suffice as evidence. Hence, prevention measures take precedence, with penalties imposed on anyone caught taking sand, stones, or pebbles from protected areas. It’s estimated that around one ton of volcanic material is unlawfully removed from Lanzarote’s beaches each year, severely impacting the island’s fragile ecosystem.

Lanzarote’s landscape, shaped by 18th-century volcanic eruptions, features unique lava, scoria, and ash deposits, covering approximately 806 sq km of the island. While tourists are drawn to these distinct features, preserving them in their natural habitat is crucial for maintaining the delicate ecosystem balance. Appreciating these wonders in situ ensures their preservation for future generations and sustains the tourism industry in the Canary Islands.

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