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Ayodhya’s Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Implements Ban on Mobile Phone:

Ram Temple

In a significant development, the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya has instituted a complete prohibition on the use of mobile phones within its premises. This decision comes as a collaborative effort between the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra and the Ayodhya administration, citing security concerns and the paramount importance of ensuring the comfort of devotees.

Temple trustee Anil Mishra has urged all visiting devotees to adhere to the new regulation. Cloakroom facilities have been made available in close proximity to the temple for the convenience of devotees.

Speaking to ANI, Mishra emphasized, “In a recent meeting with the administration, we expressed our apprehensions regarding security and the comfort of devotees, which led to this decision. We earnestly request all devotees to comply with this directive… We have sufficient facilities to securely store mobile phones and other valuables. Devotees are encouraged to utilize these amenities and cooperate with the arrangements.”

Furthermore, the temple trust’s general secretary, Champat Rai, unveiled plans for the construction of a 14-foot-wide security wall named ‘Parkota’ encompassing the temple premises. Rai elaborated that this multifunctional enclosure would house six additional temples dedicated to various deities and would have the capacity to accommodate up to 25,000 pilgrims.

About Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

The Ram Janmabhoomi temple stands as a splendid testament to traditional Nagara style architecture. Encompassing 2.7 acres, the temple is adorned with 392 pillars, 44 doors, and five halls, each serving distinct purposes. The intricately sculpted pillars and walls depict various Hindu deities and mythological narratives.

Notably, on January 22, a consecration ceremony for the 51-inch-tall idol of Ram Lalla took place. Crafted by the renowned artist Arun Yogiraj, the ceremony saw the presence of nearly 8000 VIPs, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducting several rituals during the event.

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