"World's Largest Ferris Wheel in Dubai Halts Abruptly, Unveiling Mystery" -
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Ferris Wheel
8 Aug

“World’s Largest Ferris Wheel in Dubai Halts Abruptly, Unveiling Mystery”

A mere two years back, Dubai’s awe-inspiring skyline embraced the grandeur of the world’s largest ferris wheel, the Ain Dubai (also known as Dubai Eye). However, a perplexing turn of events led to this colossal attraction halting its rotations mere months after its much-anticipated inauguration.

Envisioned to become an iconic symbol in the glittering heart of the United Arab Emirates, where soaring skyscrapers abound, Ain Dubai’s existence now raises questions as it stands motionless for undisclosed reasons. Amid the stillness, the opulent luminosity of its light fixtures remains the only dynamic aspect.

For those seeking insight, the official website of Ain Dubai provides a simple yet cryptic message: the attraction remains closed until further notice. The statement divulges that ongoing efforts are focused on completing enhancements that have been underway over recent months.

Initially, the expectation was that the ferris wheel would undergo a temporary closure of around a month. However, the reality differs, and the anticipated reopening has been indefinitely deferred. The backers of this ambitious venture have chosen to remain silent in response to inquiries.

World's Largest Ferris Wheel in Dubai Halts Abruptly, Unveiling Mystery

Dubai’s Massive Ferris Wheel, Billed as the World’s Largest, Halts Unexpectedly – What’s Behind the Mystery?

Local establishments, including shops, restaurants, and cafes surrounding the hyped attraction, share a prevailing skepticism about the wheel’s eventual revival. This sentiment is especially notable given that the wheel’s construction spanned approximately six years.

The Dubai Eye, a collaborative achievement by international conglomerates, takes its residence within Bluewater—a meticulously crafted artificial island engineered to house residential, retail, and entertainment facilities.

Evidently, the attraction’s primary entrance has remained shuttered for over a year, with ticket booths abandoned. Today, the site draws only a meager trickle of tourists who visit to capture snapshots of the striking LED lights adorning its exterior.

In a city where landmarks vie for records, the Dubai Eye soars to an astounding height of 250 meters, dwarfing even the London Eye by nearly double its stature. It firmly maintains its claim as the largest ferris wheel globally.

The absence of an official explanation has ignited a flurry of conjectures, with whispers suggesting technical complications as the culprit behind the mysterious halt. Privately, some employees have candidly shared their insights, requesting anonymity due to concerns of potential retribution from authorities or employers. Speculations circulate that the wheel’s colossal weight surpasses that of its man-made island foundation, rendering it potentially hazardous. Additionally, accounts recount the wheel’s initial operational months as noisy.

As Dubai’s saga of unparalleled achievements continues, the enigma surrounding the Dubai Eye’s unforeseen pause stands as a testament to the city’s ceaseless pursuit of architectural marvels.