Indian Students Can Obtain Visa to Japan with Just a Student ID - Travel News
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Japan Visa
29 Feb

Indian Students Can Obtain Visa to Japan with Just a Student ID

Exciting news awaits Indian students aspiring to pursue further studies in Japan. Recent reports reveal that the Japanese Ambassador to India, Hiroshi F Suzuki, has extended a warm invitation to Indian students and the youth, encouraging them to explore educational opportunities in Japan.

In an interview with YouTuber Mayo San, Ambassador Suzuki highlighted the simplicity of acquiring a student visa for Japan. He emphasized that all one needs is a student ID card to initiate the process.

Underlining the streamlined visa procedure, coupled with abundant skill development programs and promising job prospects, Ambassador Suzuki emphasized the vast potential awaiting Indian aspirants in the ‘land of the rising sun.’ He specifically addressed the youth of India, urging them to consider studying and working in Japan, reassuring them that obtaining a visa is remarkably straightforward, requiring only the presentation of a student ID.

Moreover, Ambassador Suzuki shared a significant update in visa regulations for Indian students, indicating that within three years of graduating from Indian universities, students can now submit certificates of student status or graduation instead of demonstrating financial capability when applying for a single-entry visa for short-term stays with tourism as the purpose.

Indian Students Can Obtain Visa to Japan with Just a Student ID

This adjustment aims to foster enhanced people-to-people exchanges with India, with a focus on increasing the number of young visitors. Expressing optimism about the growing influx of Indian individuals coming to Japan for study and work, Ambassador Suzuki foresees a positive trajectory in the relationship between the two nations.

In a lighter vein, Ambassador Suzuki discussed his culinary experiences in India, referring to Indian food as a ‘culture shock.’ While expressing his desire to continue savoring the tasty cuisine, he humorously admitted to finding it so spicy that it brought tears to his eyes.

Ambassador Suzuki also shared insights into his favorite Indian cuisine, expressing admiration for the diverse flavors found throughout the nation. He recounted a memorable experience with Misal Pav in Pune, humorously narrating a spicy challenge he undertook with his wife.

Reflecting on his fondness for India, Ambassador Suzuki revealed his cherished destinations, including the majestic Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan and the serene ambiance of Darjeeling.

When asked about the striking differences between Japan and India, Ambassador Suzuki pointed out language as a significant contrast. He highlighted Japan’s unified writing system compared to India’s diverse linguistic landscape, marveling at the multitude of different writings in India, likening each state to a distinct country with its own unique identity.