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23 Jan

Places in India Where Sanskrit Thrives as a Living Language

India, known for its rich cultural diversity, has bestowed upon the world many treasures, and among them, the Sanskrit language holds a special significance. Continuing to actively speak and preserve in certain pockets of the country, Sanskrit is an ancient language that has shaped the literary discourse of the Indian subcontinent.

Despite being perceived by some as a relic of the past, there are still places in India where it is not merely a subject in schools but a language spoken and cherished by the local communities. Here are a few such places:

Sanskrit as an Integral Language

Baghuwar, Madhya Pradesh:

Baghuwar, tucked away like a hidden gem, stands out as a place where not only schools teach Sanskrit, but it is also part of the daily conversations among the locals. Inspired by the success of Mattur, the residents of Baghuwar have embraced Sanskrit as an integral part of their cultural identity. Schools in the area actively incorporate this ancient language into their curriculum, fostering a community where the ancient language is a living tradition.

Mattur, Karnataka:

Mattur, often referred to as the Sanskrit Village of India, is a unique haven for language enthusiasts. This small village has gained fame not only for teaching Sanskrit in schools but also for being a place where it is spoken in daily life. The commitment of Mattur’s residents to the language has attracted scholars, researchers, and travelers interested in experiencing a community where language is a living and thriving tradition.

Places in India Where Sanskrit Thrives as a Living Language

Kalady, Kerala:
Kalady, the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya, a renowned philosopher pivotal in the revival of Sanskrit literature, is not just a pilgrimage site but also a hub for Sanskrit scholarship. The Adi Shankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapa in Kalady serves as a center for language studies, emphasizing the continued importance of the language in the region.

Hosahalli, Karnataka:

Celebrating its dedication to the preservation of Sanskrit, the village of Hosahalli stands out in Karnataka’s cultural landscape. The local school curriculum places a strong emphasis on Sanskrit, with students not only learning the language but also actively using it for everyday communication. The language, in this village, is a vibrant part of daily life.

Jhiri, Rajasthan:

Jhiri, a picturesque village in Rajasthan, stands as a testament to the continued tradition of Sanskrit as a language. The Saraswat Brahmin community in Jhiri has taken conscious efforts to ensure that the ancient language remains an integral part of their life and identity. The village schools provide its education, and residents actively engage in its conversations, keeping the language alive.