Diwali Celebrations Around the World: Beyond Borders
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11 Nov

Diwali Celebrations Around the World: Beyond Borders

While Diwali traces its origins to India, its vibrant celebrations extend far beyond, embraced with fervor in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the United States. In several of these nations, Diwali garners the status of a national holiday, showcasing the festival’s global resonance. Witnessing Diwali in the UK, especially with Rishi Sunak as its PM, reveals an exuberant celebration that reaches new heights.

Indonesia: A Grand Affair

In Indonesia, Diwali unfolds in grandeur, mirroring traditions from its Indian roots. The festival is a public holiday, uniting people in revelry amidst the radiant glow of lights.

Mauritius: Embracing the Festivities

Hindus, nearly half the population in Mauritius, celebrate Diwali with fervent enthusiasm, reminiscent of the exuberance found in India. The island glows under the illumination of clay lamps, creating a truly magical ambiance.

Fiji & Sri Lanka: Five Days of Festivity

Both Fiji and Sri Lanka devote five days to Diwali, echoing the vibrant celebrations seen in India. Oil lamps, fireworks, and traditional ceremonies mark the jubilant festivities, amplifying the spirit of the festival.

Malaysia: ‘Hari Diwali’

Malaysia refers to Diwali as ‘Hari Diwali,’ symbolizing a ‘Green Diwali’ due to the country’s ban on fireworks. However, the atmosphere is rich with vibrant diyas and lamps, compensating for the absence of fireworks.

Nepal: Tihar’s Radiance

Nepal celebrates Diwali, known as Tihar, with fervor, featuring gift-giving, house adornments with radiant lights, and prayers to Goddess Lakshmi.

Singapore: Radiant Revelry

In Singapore, Diwali transforms the city, akin to the vivacious celebrations in India. The festival is commemorated with an infectious fervor and zeal.

United Kingdom: Grand Celebrations

Cities like Leicester and Birmingham in the UK host elaborate Diwali celebrations, resonating with the grandeur found in India, owing to their substantial Indian communities.

Thailand: Lam Kriyongh

Thailand’s Lam Kriyongh, their rendition of Diwali, coincides with the full moon day of the 12th month in the Thai calendar. The event boasts spectacular firework displays that captivate onlookers, reminiscent of the awe-inspiring Diwali celebrations.