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Bali urges foreign tourists
24 Apr

Bali Urges Foreign Tourists: Protect Your Health with Dengue Fever Vaccinations Amid Rising Cases

The regional government of Bali, Indonesia, is urging foreign tourists to prioritize their health by considering vaccinations against dengue fever amidst a concerning increase in cases across the country. Gusti Ayu Raka Susanti, acting head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Bali Health Agency, stressed the significance of this preventive step, especially for travelers visiting areas where dengue is prevalent. Emphasizing the protective benefits for both tourists and Balinese residents, Susanti highlighted that while dengue vaccines aren't mandatory, they are highly recommended to shield individuals from potential infections. By advocating...

27 Mar

Discovering Cool Asian Getaways for Your April Adventures

As spring blossoms across Asian countries, a tapestry of vibrant festivals, blooming flora, and delightful weather awaits adventurers. April invites travelers to delve into the rich heritage of the continent, from the ethereal sight of cherry blossoms adorning ancient landscapes to cultural celebrations heralding the onset of a new year. Whether seeking serene retreats amidst nature's bounty or bustling cityscapes pulsating with life, Asian promises to captivate and inspire, crafting unforgettable experiences for those venturing into its embrace. Kyoto, Japan: Experience the enchantment of Kyoto, Japan's cultural heart, as cherry blossoms...

28 Dec

Indonesia Introduces 5-Year Multiple Entry Visas to Boost Tourism

In a significant development, Indonesia has recently unveiled a noteworthy change in its visa policy, aiming to give a substantial boost to its tourism sector. This strategic initiative involves the introduction of a five-year visa policy, allowing visitors to stay for a maximum of 60 days. Indonesia, as the largest economy in Southeast Asia, strategically positions itself to become more enticing to global travelers, according to the latest reports. Commencing from December 20, this visa policy marks a departure from the conventional 30-day single-entry tourist visas. The extended duration and allowance...

Lavish Vacations
25 Dec

Top Destinations for a Lavish Vacation in 2024 with a Strong Indian Rupee

Traveling internationally is often perceived as an expensive endeavor, especially with the increasing strength of currencies like the Euro and the US dollar. However, the Indian Rupee, while not as dominant, holds its own against numerous foreign currencies. Surprisingly, there are several countries where the Indian Rupee can provide a lavish vacation experience, making you feel like royalty. If you're looking to explore the world with Lavish Vacation, the advantage of a robust Indian Rupee, consider adding these destinations to your travel wishlist for 2024: Indonesia (1 INR = 186.44 Indonesian Rupiah) Known...

11 Nov

Diwali Celebrations Around the World: Beyond Borders

While Diwali traces its origins to India, its vibrant celebrations extend far beyond, embraced with fervor in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the United States. In several of these nations, Diwali garners the status of a national holiday, showcasing the festival's global resonance. Witnessing Diwali in the UK, especially with Rishi Sunak as its PM, reveals an exuberant celebration that reaches new heights. Indonesia: A Grand Affair In Indonesia, Diwali unfolds in grandeur, mirroring traditions from its Indian roots. The festival is a public holiday, uniting people in revelry amidst the...

18 Aug

Live Your Bali Dreams: Indonesia’s Golden Visa Awaits

Have you ever envisioned an extended stay in Bali? That daydream is on the brink of becoming a tangible reality. Indonesia is in the final stages of introducing the Golden Visa, a remarkable opportunity for tourists. Anticipated to be launched by year-end, this initiative is set to transform your dream of staying in Bali into an attainable experience. Renowned as one of the globe's premier tourist destinations, Indonesia continues to witness a steady rise in Indian travelers each year. The Indonesian Golden Visa: What's it About? Reports indicate that the Indonesian Golden...