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Loktak Lake
28 Dec

Loktak Lake – Discover the Wonders in Manipur

Nestled in the heart of the Bishnupur district, just 48 km away, Loktak Lake emerges as a true marvel of nature, enchanting both locals and travelers with its distinctive characteristics and ecological importance.

Loktak Lake stands out as one of the most prominent landmarks in northeastern India, boasting a plethora of fascinating features ranging from floating islands, locally known as phumdis, to rare wildlife and cultural vibrancy. Let’s delve into what makes Loktak Lake an extraordinary destination.

Floating Phumdis in Loktak Lake

The hallmark of Loktak Lake is its floating phumdis – organic masses consisting of vegetation, soil, and decomposing matter. Some of these floating islands are sizable enough to accommodate houses and shops.

Keibul Lamjao National Park

An integral part of Loktak Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park holds the distinction of being the world’s only floating national park. Serving as a testament to conservation endeavors, the park is home to the endangered Manipur brow-antlered deer, also known as Sangai. Keibul Lamjao stands as the last bastion for these unique deer species.

Biodiversity and Wildlife

Loktak Lake harbors a diverse array of aquatic life, bird species, and terrestrial flora and fauna. Each year, the lake becomes a haven for birdwatchers as hundreds of avian visitors flock to its shores. The lake’s ecosystem supports various fish species, contributing significantly to the livelihoods of local communities.

Loktak Lake - Discover the Wonders in Manipur

Economic Importance

Beyond its scenic allure, Loktak Lake serves as a lifeline for local communities. Fishing activities thrive along its shores, providing sustenance and livelihoods for many. Additionally, the lake plays a pivotal role in irrigation, supporting the cultivation of paddy fields and other crops.

Ramsar Site Recognition

That holds the prestigious designation of being a Ramsar Site, underscoring its importance as a critical wetland ecosystem. The Ramsar recognition ensures stringent conservation measures, with specific focus on protecting the Sangai deer and its habitat.

Harmony of Nature, Culture, and Human Life

This Lake stands as a testament to the harmonious interplay between nature, culture, and human life. Its floating islands, diverse wildlife, cultural richness, and breathtaking scenery collectively position it is not only as a regional gem but also as a natural wonder deserving of global acclaim. Ongoing efforts to safeguard and preserve this ecological marvel reinforce its status as an enduring source of awe and admiration for generations to come.