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23 Aug

Explore Pench Tiger Reserve through Thrilling Cycle Safaris

A new and exciting venture awaits visitors at Maharashtra’s Pench Tiger Reserve, introducing the captivating concept of cycle safaris. Unlike the existing options of jeep and canter safaris in Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve, the addition of cycle safaris not only heightens the adventurous spirit but also contributes positively to the environment.

Currently, the focal point of this new attraction lies within the Kolitmara range in the western part of Pench. The cycle safari route spans from Kolitmara to Kunwara Bhivsen, spanning an impressive distance of 48 kilometers. Encompassing the enchanting forested domains of Narhar, Banera, and Chargaon, this trail promises an unparalleled encounter with nature.

Safety Concerns in a Tiger Reserve?

While Pench Tiger Reserve is renowned for being a habitat of not just tigers but also leopards and sloth bears, apprehensions about the cycle safari’s safety are natural. However, the cycle safari is distinct from the core reserve areas. The Kolitmara range exudes tranquility and scenic charm, offering an ideal setting for cycling excursions.

Explore Pench Tiger Reserve through Thrilling Cycle Safaris

Pricing and Group Dynamics

Enthusiasts who bring their own bicycles will incur a fee of INR 100 per person for the safari experience. Alternatively, individuals who choose to rent cycles from Pench Tiger Reserve will incur a daily charge of INR 300 per person. Cycle safari groups will consist of two to six individuals, each group assigned a knowledgeable guide for an additional fee of INR 1000.

A Grand Inauguration and Nature’s Splendor

The cycle safari commenced its journey on August 20, 2023, witnessing an enthusiastic participation of around 80 individuals spanning various age groups. This novel approach offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking natural beauty of Pench. The safari path winds through some of the most exquisite landscapes the region has to offer, leading adventurers through picturesque forests and valleys.

As concerns often arise regarding the ecological impact of conventional jeep safaris on pristine forests, the introduction of cycle safaris provides an eco-friendly alternative that fosters a deeper connection with the environment. The ongoing monsoon season has bestowed an added allure upon the lush Pench forests, making this time of year particularly captivating. Amidst the dense woodlands, visitors can relish the sights and sounds of a diverse array of bird species.

Kolitmara: A Gem within the Reserve

Nestled along the Pench River’s banks, Kolitmara stands as one of the reserve’s most scenic locales. With the river’s presence, the potential for river tourism further augments the holistic experience. Embarking on a cycle safari not only promises an exhilarating adventure but also unveils the serene beauty and diverse ecosystems that Pench Tiger Reserve generously offers.