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Sita Temples
20 Jan

Discovering the Sacred Sita Temples Across Asia

The timeless saga of Rama and Sita extends far beyond the borders of India, resonating in the cultural tapestries of Nepal and Sri Lanka. In this exploration, we unravel the mystique surrounding the lesser-known Sita temples, each carrying unique significance and cherished legends. Sita Temples - Sita Gufa, Nasik, Maharashtra Nestled in Nasik, Maharashtra, the Sita Gufa, a modest cave, stands as a pilgrimage destination intricately linked to the Hindu epic, Ramayana. Legends echo within its walls, suggesting that this is the very place from where the nefarious Ravana abducted Sita. Seetha Devi...

5 Jan

UAE to Assist Kerala in Establishing Tourism Township

The Kerala state government has proposed the development of a tourism township in either Vagamon or Munnar, with the assistance of the UAE government. The extent of the UAE government's involvement remains unclear, raising concerns about potential ecological impact, particularly in the environmentally fragile areas of Idukki district as highlighted in the Gadgil and Kasturirangan reports. These reports explicitly discourage tourism and construction initiatives in the Western Ghats and surrounding regions. Initiated on November 9, 2023, the tourism township proposal prompted communication from the tourism department to the revenue department on...

Eat Right Stations
14 Dec

Kerala Leads with 21 Railway Stations Recognized as ‘Eat Right Stations’

In a recent development, 114 railway stations across India have been honored with the prestigious 'Eat Right Stations' certification, and Kerala emerges as a frontrunner with 21 stations receiving this recognition. This certification underscores the commitment of these stations, including their catering establishments, to provide passengers with hygienic and healthy food options. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) grants certifications to railway stations that adhere to strict food storage and hygiene standards, and only one percent of the total 7349 railway stations in the country receive this distinction....

25 Nov

Kerala’s Responsible Tourism Earns Global Recognition on UNWTO’s Prestigious List

In a significant achievement, Kerala's renowned RT Mission has secured international acclaim by earning a coveted position on the United Nations World Tourism Organization's (UNWTO) distinguished list of case studies. This recognition highlights Kerala's innovative approach to grassroots development and its alignment of tourism with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UNWTO has lauded Kerala Tourism for its steadfast commitment to the SDGs and its effective utilization of local resources to enhance responsible tourism destinations. Kerala now shares this honor with Maharashtra as the only two Indian states acknowledged by...

Bekal Kerala
15 Nov

Bekal: Kerala’s Hidden Natural Treasure

Nestled along the scenic coastline in Kasaragod, Bekal stands as one of Kerala's best-kept secrets, seamlessly blending nature and history. Evolving into a coveted destination, it has become a haven for those in search of tranquility. About Bekal Fort Bekal Fort, a 17th-century marvel, reigns supreme as one of the town's most striking features. Perched proudly over the Arabian Sea, this historical gem beckons history enthusiasts and curious travelers from around the globe. The fort's elevated vantage point offers mesmerizing panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, accompanied by the soothing symphony of...

4 Nov

Kerala to Launch Multi-Language Microsites to Enhance Religious Tourism

Kerala Tourism is taking significant strides in its mission to boost pilgrimage tourism by unveiling a series of microsites. These microsites are not only intended to illuminate the rich heritage of the state but also to emphasize the profound importance of its primary religious destinations. Of particular note is a microsite dedicated to the renowned Sabarimala shrine, designed to cater to a diverse audience by offering content in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. Situated in the Pathanamthitta district, this microsite centered on the hill-shrine seeks to serve as...

Thiruvananthapuram Kerela
2 Nov

Embrace the Rich Culture of Kerala at the Keraleeyam Festival in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram, the vibrant capital city of Kerala, is currently ablaze with the colors, sounds, and flavors of the Keraleeyam Festival, a week-long extravaganza celebrating the essence of Kerala. This grand festival, which commenced today and runs until November 7, is not just a celebration of the state's cultural heritage but a showcase of its artistic prowess, trade, and much more. Spread across more than 40 venues, the Keraleeyam Festival is a bold endeavor to highlight the remarkable progress Kerala has achieved. The program features an array of seminars, exhibitions, fairs, and...

Bekal Travel
4 Sep

Explore the Magnificence of Bekal Fort: A 400-Year-Old Gem in Kerala

Bekal Fort, nestled in the enchanting Kasaragod district of Kerala, stands as a testament to 400 years of history, a fusion of natural splendor and cultural heritage. Located on the pristine shores of the Arabian Sea, this destination beckons history aficionados, nature lovers, and intrepid travelers alike. Here's your comprehensive guide to ensure you make the most of your visit to Bekal Fort. History Constructed in the 17th century under the patronage of Shivappa Nayaka of the Keladi dynasty, Bekal Fort has borne witness to the ebb and flow of dynastic powers,...

2 Sep

ट्रैकिंग और नेचर लवर्स के लिए बेस्ट है वायनाड, इन जगहों को जरूर करें एक्सप्लोर

दक्षिण भारत की एक बेहद खूबसूरत जगह है वायनाड। पश्चिमी घाट के पहाड़ों से घिरा वायनाड, केरल का पॉपुलर हिल स्टेशन है। यह जगह अपनी खूबसूरती, मसालों के बागान, जंगलों और वाइल्ड लाइफ के लिए मशहूर है। वायनाड जाने का सबसे अच्छा समय अक्टूबर से अप्रैल तक होता है। इस दौरान यहां का मौसम घूमने-फिरने के अनुकूल होता है। इन जगहों को करें एक्सप्लोर वायनाड वाइल्ड लाइफ सैंचुअरी वन्यजीव अभयारण्य कई खूबसूरती और लुप्तप्राय पेड़-पौधों और जीव-जंतुओं का बसेरा है। यह नीलगिरि बायोस्फीयर रिजर्व का एक हिस्सा है। 1973 में स्थापित, वायनाड...

23 Aug

Archaic Megalithic Artifacts Found During Kerala Pipeline Construction!

Ancient Megalithic Relics Unearthed During Pipeline Construction in Kerala! In a remarkable turn of events, a significant collection of megalithic "hat stones," which are actually hemispherical laterite stones once used to seal burial urns, has been uncovered at a single excavation site. This archaeological endeavor was undertaken by the State Archaeology Department in the vicinity of Nagaparamba, situated within the Kuttippuram village near Thirunavaya, within the district. Termed "Thoppikkallu" in the local Malayalam language, these hat stones are remnants from the megalithic era and were utilized as covers for burial urns. Experts in...