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Vande Bharat
14 Mar

PM Modi Launches 10 New Vande Bharat Trains, Unveiling Routes and Details

Prime Minister has inaugurated 10 new Vande Bharat trains, bringing the total count to over 50 and expanding the network to cover 45 nationwide routes. Addressing the occasion, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the significance of the nation's ongoing development efforts, underlining the promising future ahead. He emphasized the role of willpower, urging the youth to contribute to shaping the country's railway system and its trajectory. Currently, Indian Railways operates 41 Vande Bharat Express services across 24 states and 256 districts, enhancing connectivity nationwide through Broad Gauge electrified networks. The newly introduced Vande Bharat...

1 Mar

International Yoga Festival 2024: Embracing Yoga’s Global Spirit in Rishikesh

Celebrating the profound art of Yoga, the renowned International Yoga Festival is slated to grace Rishikesh's Parmarth Niketan Ashram from March 8 to 14. This much-anticipated event harmonizes ancient Indian yoga practices with diverse global traditions, offering attendees a transformative journey into the heart of yoga. Immersive Yoga Experience: Led by esteemed yoga instructors representing various disciplines such as Kundalini, Power Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Kriya Yoga, participants will delve into over 70 hours of enriching yoga sessions. These classes, coupled with spiritual guidance, promise a holistic rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. What...

affordable travel in India
26 Dec

Affordable Travel Options in India for 2024

India continues to be a top global tourist destination, attracting visitors with its diverse landscapes and cultural richness. What sets it apart is the array of budget-friendly destinations that provide enriching experiences without draining your wallet. While metropolitan cities may lean towards the expensive side, there are charming towns across the country that combine popularity with surprising affordability. Here are some affordable travel places to explore in India in 2024 Pushkar, Rajasthan: Known for its vibrant street markets and the iconic Pushkar Camel Fair, this Rajasthan town is a haven for budget-conscious travelers....

25 Dec

Uttarakhand Tourism Unveils Himalayan Air Safari

The Uttarakhand government plans to redefine tourism in India by introducing the first-ever Himalayan Air Safari, showcasing agile gyrocopters. The successful completion of the inaugural gyrocopter trial flight at Bairagi Camp, Haridwar on Saturday marks a significant milestone in this groundbreaking venture. In collaboration with Rajas Aerosports and Adventures Pvt Ltd, the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is set to revolutionize the tourist experience by incorporating gyrocopters as a unique means to explore the region's breathtaking landscapes. Colonel Ashwini Pundir, the Additional Chief Executive Officer of the board, participated in the trial flight...

15 Dec

रोपवे पर काम – देश के इन धार्मिक और पर्यटन स्‍थलों पर शुरू हुआ

देश के तमाम धार्मिक और पर्यटन स्‍थलों का सफर अब पहले से आसान होगा। श्रद्धालुओं को दर्शन के लिए पथरीले रास्‍तों से होकर चढ़ाई नहीं चढ़नी पड़ेगी। ना ही उन्हें भीड़ भाड़ वाले स्‍थानों पर घंटों-घंटों जाम फंसे रहना पड़ेगा। दरअसल रोपवे निर्माण कंपनी नेशनल हाईवे लाजिस्टिक मैनेजमेंट लि. (एनएचएलएमएल) इसी वर्ष 60 किमी. लंबाई के रोपवे का काम शुरू करने जा रही है। इनमें से तमाम के टेंडर भी आवार्ड किए जा चुके हैं। जहां पर रोपवे का काम शुरू होने वाला है, जानें कौन कौन से प्रमुख धार्मिक स्‍थल...

Gyrocopter Safari
14 Dec

Uttarakhand Set to Introduce India’s First Gyrocopter Safari

Uttarakhand is gearing up to launch India's pioneering gyrocopter safari, a groundbreaking venture set to redefine the landscape of adventure tourism in the state. The announcement was unveiled during a tourism session at the Uttarakhand Investors' Summit, promising an exhilarating experience for visitors to witness the awe-inspiring Himalayan panorama from a unique perspective. CEO of the private sports company overseeing the air safari, Manish Saini, highlighted that this initiative not only marks the debut of such a service in India but is also a first across South Asia. Scheduled to take...

Aerial Acrobatic Show Soars
31 Oct

India’s First International Aerial Acrobatic Show Soars into Tehri, Uttarakhand

Tehri, the picturesque destination nestled in Uttarakhand, is all set to make history with the upcoming Tehri Acro Festival, an extraordinary event that will not only redefine adventure but also introduce India's first International Aerial Acrobatic Shows. Scheduled for November 24-28, this festival promises an exhilarating experience that adrenaline enthusiasts won't want to miss. The Tehri Acro Festival is gearing up to welcome 150 renowned paragliders from around the world. This grand event offers a unique opportunity for paragliding enthusiasts to participate in aerial competitions and witness breathtaking acrobatic displays. Beyond...

Madhya Maheshwar
7 Sep

Madhyamaheshwar: A Renowned Panch Kedar in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, often referred to as the "Land of Gods," stands as one of India's most revered states. This mystical region, nestled amidst the mighty Himalayan peaks, harbors places steeped in enigmatic lore and ancient myths. Among its many sacred treasures, the Madhyamaheshwar temple holds a distinguished place as one of Uttarakhand's revered Panch Kedars. This time-honored pilgrimage site boasts profound religious significance in Hindu mythology, drawing devotees from around the world in search of spiritual solace. For the uninitiated, the Panch Kedars comprise a group of five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva....

4 Sep

Preparing for Mansarovar Trek: Key Tips

Mount Kailash, often revered as the "Stairway to Heaven," stands as one of the most mesmerizing peaks in the Himalayas. Situated at a staggering elevation of 22,000 ft above the Tibetan Plateau, it beckons adventurers and pilgrims alike. Notably, Mount Kailash holds profound significance in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, symbolizing the physical embodiment of Mount Meru. Of equal importance are Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake for devotees of Lord Shiva. It's intriguing to discover that the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, organizes a special pilgrimage known as the Kailash...

26 Aug

Uttarakhand: Red Alert, Stay Informed on Weather

In the wake of a red alert issued due to heavy rainfall in Uttarakhand, authorities have called for heightened caution among district magistrates in their respective areas. The incessant downpour since the night of August 21 has caused river levels to surge across various districts in Uttarakhand. Shweta Choubey, the Senior Superintendent of Police in Pauri, has urged travelers to gather information about prevailing weather conditions and route accessibility before embarking on their journeys. She emphasized that the district's river drains were experiencing a surge in water levels due to the...