India's First International Aerial Acrobatic Show Soars into Tehri, Uttarakhand
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Aerial Acrobatic Show Soars
31 Oct

India’s First International Aerial Acrobatic Show Soars into Tehri, Uttarakhand

Tehri, the picturesque destination nestled in Uttarakhand, is all set to make history with the upcoming Tehri Acro Festival, an extraordinary event that will not only redefine adventure but also introduce India’s first International Aerial Acrobatic Shows. Scheduled for November 24-28, this festival promises an exhilarating experience that adrenaline enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

The Tehri Acro Festival is gearing up to welcome 150 renowned paragliders from around the world. This grand event offers a unique opportunity for paragliding enthusiasts to participate in aerial competitions and witness breathtaking acrobatic displays. Beyond the thrills, the festival carries a significant purpose—it marks the commencement of paragliding in Tehri, effectively transforming it into India’s latest paragliding hub, catering to both leisure seekers and training programs. Notably, the festival will showcase some of India’s most accomplished paragliders.

This event also signals a leap towards enhancing employment prospects, especially for the local population, as it will pave the way for paragliding training programs, nurturing a workforce in this burgeoning field. This initiative aligns with the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board’s broader objective of promoting sustainable tourism in Tehri. The ambitious goal is to graduate 100 pilots in paragliding by the end of the year, further establishing Uttarakhand as a premier paragliding destination in India.

About Tehri

Tehri is an up-and-coming tourist haven within Uttarakhand, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and cultural richness. The star attraction of Tehri Garhwal district is the majestic Tehri Lake, a hotspot for water adventure sports and activities. The town is ensconced by verdant forests and rolling hills, offering breathtaking views of distant snow-capped peaks on clear days.

The sprawling Tehri Lake is the result of the awe-inspiring Tehri Dam, a testament to human engineering amidst the sublime natural beauty. While the town’s exterior might appear unassuming at first glance, it hides a treasure trove of local culture and traditions waiting to be explored. Tehri serves as a gateway to various trekking and adventure opportunities, beckoning travelers in search of a serene escape amid nature’s embrace.