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8 Dec

Discovering Aizawl: India’s Sole Silent City

'Embark on a distinctive Northeastern adventure by exploring Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram. While Aizawl may seem unassuming compared to other major Indian capitals, a closer, or rather, a more attentive look reveals what sets Aizawl apart—it is India's only Silent City, and here's the intriguing story behind it. Aizawl stands out as a truly unique city, earning its moniker, the Silent City, due to its remarkable traffic etiquette. Unlike the common traffic rules such as 'wear your helmet' or 'don't overspeed,' Aizawl impresses with its smooth traffic flow, even...

10 Aug

Eco-Tourism Venture: Veerappan Realm Revealed

In the heart of historical intrigue, where the notorious bandit Veerappan once held sway, a new chapter is being penned in the annals of Indian tourism. The erstwhile dominion of this enigmatic figure, often dubbed the Robin Hood of Tamil Nadu, is poised for a dramatic transformation. The government, which invested considerable resources to bring an end to Veerappan's reign, is now embracing his legend to entice travelers seeking a brush with history. As the curtain rises on this ambitious venture, only time will reveal whether it unfolds as a triumphant...

Lalbagh Botanical Garden
10 Aug

Lalbagh: Western Ghats Miniature Wonderland Blooms

Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, the famed Lalbagh Botanical Garden is poised to unveil a botanical spectacle of unprecedented proportions. Brimming with life and purpose, the garden has embarked on an ambitious endeavor – crafting its very own rendition of the renowned Western Ghats, a tribute to the biodiversity gem that graces India's landscape. The buzz surrounding Lalbagh has been rekindled, and for an extraordinary cause. This urban oasis is set to birth a mini Western Ghats within its verdant expanse. The transformation began on August 1 when 240 saplings...