Eco-Tourism Venture: Veerappan Realm Revealed - Travel News
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10 Aug

Eco-Tourism Venture: Veerappan Realm Revealed

In the heart of historical intrigue, where the notorious bandit Veerappan once held sway, a new chapter is being penned in the annals of Indian tourism. The erstwhile dominion of this enigmatic figure, often dubbed the Robin Hood of Tamil Nadu, is poised for a dramatic transformation. The government, which invested considerable resources to bring an end to Veerappan’s reign, is now embracing his legend to entice travelers seeking a brush with history.

As the curtain rises on this ambitious venture, only time will reveal whether it unfolds as a triumphant saga or a tale less favored by fortune. The forest department has charted a daring course: to introduce a safari experience in the Gopinatham area, once Veerappan’s lair. In the days of his infamy, this terrain was cloaked in fear, discouraging even the most intrepid souls, including law enforcement.

During that era, these lands were under the watchful eyes of either forest personnel or the Special Task Force (STF) deployed to apprehend Veerappan. Now, a curiosity stirs among the public to tread the paths Veerappan once roamed, driven by the desire to unravel the mysteries that his presence left behind.

Presently, Jungle Lodges and Resorts have their roots sunk into the enigmatic soil of Gopinatham, offering exclusive trails to camp dwellers, while the rest of the world remains barred from venturing into these haunting landscapes. The forest department, however, harbors a vision of inclusivity, aiming to share the thrill of exploration with the public.

“Unveiling Veerappan’s Realm: Government’s Ambitious Eco-Tourism Venture”

Eco-Tourism Venture: Veerappan Realm Revealed

Dr. Malathi Priya M, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests, Mysuru circle, hinted at the burgeoning endeavor, disclosing plans for a safari hub in Gopinatham. While details are still being woven together, a conclave with Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary officials is slated to finalize the feasibility of this bold expedition.

Rumor has it that the state’s forest department is crafting an audacious proposition, seeking to enshrine Veerappan’s former stronghold as a cornerstone of its eco-tourism portfolio. The department is rumored to have tapped into the memory banks of Veerappan’s associates for an immersive ‘Mystery Trail Camp’ in his village, nestled in the embrace of Male Mahadeshwar hills, straddling the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

This endeavor, cultivated at a cost of INR 1.3 crore, beckons to birdwatchers, wildlife aficionados, photographers, and trekkers, invoking the legend of Veerappan to weave a magnetic allure. A program established by the government-owned Jungle Lodges and Resorts was initially attempted in Gopinatham, but faced an early demise due to lukewarm response.

Whispers from the well-versed reveal that previous attempts leaned heavily on the power of word-of-mouth, despite incorporating state-of-the-art amenities into the landscape.

Sources intimate that indigenous facilities such as igloo-like tents and Eskimo-inspired huts, capable of challenging any climate, took root amidst the lush deciduous forests. The forest department went the extra mile, offering water sports, coracle riding, kayaking, mountain biking, and immersive birdwatching, paired with a taste of native cuisine.

Yet, green crusaders have risen against this tide of transformation, fearing that the public’s presence within the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary’s hallowed precincts may disrupt the delicate balance of its botanical and zoological treasures. A new chapter in the age-old battle between progress and preservation is being etched into the tapestry of Indian conservation.