Discovering Aizawl: India's Sole Silent City - Travel News
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8 Dec

Discovering Aizawl: India’s Sole Silent City

‘Embark on a distinctive Northeastern adventure by exploring Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram. While Aizawl may seem unassuming compared to other major Indian capitals, a closer, or rather, a more attentive look reveals what sets Aizawl apart—it is India’s only Silent City, and here’s the intriguing story behind it.

Aizawl stands out as a truly unique city, earning its moniker, the Silent City, due to its remarkable traffic etiquette. Unlike the common traffic rules such as ‘wear your helmet’ or ‘don’t overspeed,’ Aizawl impresses with its smooth traffic flow, even during peak hours.

While residents of cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi often feel like they spend half their lives navigating traffic and the other half complaining about it, Aizawl’s residents take their left lanes seriously, creating a beautiful traffic harmony.

Discovering Aizawl: India's Sole Silent City

In Aizawl, it’s a common sight to see people on the roads, maintaining their lanes, refraining from overtaking, avoiding horn honking and road rage, and most notably, showing courtesy to fellow road users. This commitment to road etiquette extends even to peak hours, making the traffic experience in Aizawl a pleasant surprise.

The left lane in Aizawl features separate lines for four-wheelers and two-wheelers, despite the narrow city roads. There are no substantial dividers; often, it’s just a white strip of marker. Yet, drivers in the left lane keep the right lane clear for oncoming vehicles, showcasing a serious dedication to road etiquette and safety.

If someone urgently needs to pass, a subtle ‘beep-beep’ is a common practice, signaling the vehicle in front to make way. More often than not, they oblige, and in return, a gentle beep acknowledges the courteous exchange between drivers.

But there’s more to Aizawl’s uniqueness. Traffic lights are not a common sight, as locals view incessant honking and aggressive overtaking as uncivilized behavior. The silence in Aizawl goes beyond the absence of noise; it reflects the city’s distinctive cultural and societal ethos. Visiting it promises a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to witness a city where silence is not just golden but deeply embedded in its cultural fabric.