Nakshatra Sabha: India's Astro Tourism Campaign - Travel News
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6 May

Nakshatra Sabha: India’s Astro Tourism Campaign

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, in collaboration with Starscapes, pioneers in astro-tourism, proudly presents Nakshatra Sabha, India’s inaugural astro tourism campaign. More than just stargazing, Nakshatra Sabha offers an immersive experience, inviting participants to delve into a realm of celestial wonders amidst the breathtaking beauty of Uttarakhand.

A Nakshatra Sabha Celestial Journey

Nakshatra Sabha transcends mere observation, offering an array of activities including stargazing, solar observations, astrophotography contests, and camping beneath the star-studded sky. Designed to captivate astronomy enthusiasts, adventurers, and travelers alike, this initiative aims to foster a deep appreciation for the cosmos while embracing Uttarakhand’s natural splendor.

Nakshatra Sabha A Vision for Uttarakhand

The Secretary of Tourism for the Government of Uttarakhand lauds the project, recognizing the state’s potential as a premier destination for astro-tourism. With its abundant forest cover, nature-based tourism, accessibility, and well-established hospitality sector, including homestays, Uttarakhand emerges as an ideal haven for astro tourists worldwide.

Embark on a Celestial Odyssey

Nakshatra Sabha

Launching in early June at George Everest in Mussoorie, Nakshatra Sabha will span until mid-2025, featuring immersive events across Uttarakhand. From stargazing escapades to exploring celestial sites in districts like Uttarkashi, Pithoragarh, Nainital, and Chamoli, participants will partake in seminars and webinars led by seasoned experts, enriching their astronomical knowledge.

Empowering Communities, Preserving Skies

Nakshatra Sabha not only offers professional training and skill development for local astronomy enthusiasts but also seeks to bolster local economies and advocate for the preservation of night skies. By nurturing a network of dark sky ambassadors and implementing region-wide preservation policies, the initiative ensures the sustainability of astro-tourism in Uttarakhand.

Partnering for Success

Starscapes, in collaboration with local communities, travel partners, and homestay communities, stands at the forefront of these initiatives, providing crucial support and training. Their dedication ensures the prosperity of Nakshatra Sabha, benefitting tourists and locals alike.

Preserving the Night Skies

Preservation of night skies entails conserving natural darkness by minimizing light pollution, promoting clarity and visibility of celestial objects, and sustaining nocturnal ecosystems. Through these efforts, we safeguard the beauty of the cosmos, support wildlife, conserve energy, and foster sustainable tourism, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with nature