Uttarakhand Tourism Unveils Himalayan Air Safari - Travel News
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25 Dec

Uttarakhand Tourism Unveils Himalayan Air Safari

The Uttarakhand government plans to redefine tourism in India by introducing the first-ever Himalayan Air Safari, showcasing agile gyrocopters. The successful completion of the inaugural gyrocopter trial flight at Bairagi Camp, Haridwar on Saturday marks a significant milestone in this groundbreaking venture.

In collaboration with Rajas Aerosports and Adventures Pvt Ltd, the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is set to revolutionize the tourist experience by incorporating gyrocopters as a unique means to explore the region’s breathtaking landscapes.

Colonel Ashwini Pundir, the Additional Chief Executive Officer of the board, participated in the trial flight and announced the imminent launch of the Himalayan Air Safari scheme. This innovative initiative will allow tourists to seamlessly traverse from one picturesque location to another, reveling in the natural beauty of the Himalayan peaks and rivers from the vantage point of a gyrocopter.

Uttarakhand Tourism Unveils Himalayan Air Safari

Ensuring the safety of tourists is paramount, and Pundir emphasized the procurement of state-of-the-art gyrocopters from Germany. The operations will commence under the guidance of expertly trained German pilots, with plans underway to establish specialized airstrips in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Department and district authorities.

Gyrocopter Rides to Transform Tourism

The state tourism department, in a released statement, describes this venture as more than a mere scenic tour; it is a bridge connecting tourists to the lesser-known, remote gems of Uttarakhand. The gyrocopter rides provide a unique opportunity for travelers to explore hidden destinations within a short, exhilarating journey, offering an unprecedented view of the Himalayas from the skies.

As part of the innovative Himalayan Air Safari scheme, which aligns with the Breakfast Tourism initiative, tourists will soar through the skies, enjoying aerial vistas of the majestic Himalayan ranges and serene rivers.

Sachin Kurve, the Secretary of Tourism and CEO of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, shared insights into the innovative concept of “breakfast tourism” during an interview with The Indian Express. This concept invites tourists to explore lesser-known, picturesque locations in Uttarakhand while savoring a tranquil breakfast amidst nature. Specifically designed for travelers with limited time, this initiative provides a unique opportunity to experience the region’s beauty within a condensed timeframe.

The board is actively planning to implement the ‘breakfast tourism’ initiative by organizing helicopter rides from the George Everest Estate. Gyrocopters will also play a role in transporting visitors to serene spots like Dayara Bugyal, where they can relish a peaceful breakfast amid breathtaking natural scenery. We envision structuring the entire trip efficiently, enabling tourists to enjoy this unique experience and return within three to four hours. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure, experiencing Uttarakhand from the skies!