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Coldest Destinations
27 May

Coldest Destinations in India Right Now to Escape the Heatwave!

As temperatures soar across much of India, seeking refuge in cooler climates becomes a priority. Whether you're aiming to beat the heat or simply relish the charm of winter landscapes, the coldest destinations offer a refreshing respite. Here are some of the coldest places in India right now: Sela Pass - 6°C: Nestled in Arunachal Pradesh, Sela Pass boasts temperatures hovering around 6°C. Perched at an altitude of 13,700 ft, this mountain pass enchants with its panoramic views and tranquil ambiance. Snow-clad peaks and frozen lakes make it a haven for...

zoji la
27 May

Top 5 Most Perilous Roads in India

India’s diverse and challenging perilous roads terrain has long been a magnet for thrill-seekers worldwide. While the country boasts breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating roads, it also harbors some of the most dangerous routes on the planet. From dizzying altitudes to hair-raising cliff edges, here are the five most treacherous roads in India that offer adventure enthusiasts an adrenaline-pumping experience: Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh: Carved through the Pir Panjal Range, Rohtang Pass is a gateway to the enchanting valleys of Himachal Pradesh. However, its steep gradients, narrow hairpin bends, and unpredictable weather...

22 May

Adi Kailash Yatra Begins: Historical and Mythological Significance

The Adi Kailash Yatra has officially commenced, with the first batch of 49 pilgrims arriving at the Dharchula base camp en route to Jolingkong, which offers a breathtaking view of the sacred peak. "The initial group of 49 pilgrims, comprising 32 men and 17 women from various parts of the country, reached the yatra's base camp at Dharchula," reported Vijay Nath Shukla, the general manager of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam (KMVN). These pilgrims are journeying towards the Shiv-Parvati temple, situated alongside a lake at an elevation of 18,500 ft in Jolingkong,...

Magnetic hill
16 May

Ladakh’s Magnetic Hill Explained : Unraveling the Mystery

Ladakh's Magnetic Hill has become a global sensation, drawing tourists from far and wide with its enigmatic allure. Situated along the Leh-Kargil-Batalik national highway, this peculiar spot has left visitors puzzled as vehicles appear to defy gravity and roll uphill effortlessly. But what's the real story behind Ladakh's Magnetic Hill? Contrary to popular belief, the phenomenon witnessed at Ladakh's Magnetic Hill isn't due to mysterious magnetic forces pulling vehicles uphill. Instead, it's a captivating optical illusion crafted by the surrounding landscape. Despite its appearance, the hill is actually a downhill slope. The...

14 May

Summer Escapes: 5 Unforgettable Road Trips for Your Ultimate Break!

As summer unfurls its scorching heat, many of us yearn for the sanctuary of cool hilltops or the invigorating sea breeze along coastal retreats. And what better way to evade the sweltering temperatures and uncover the nation's beauty than embarking on a road trip? From snow-kissed peaks to pristine shorelines, there's a plethora of scenic routes tailor-made for summer adventures. Here are five remarkable road trips that promise excitement, serenity, and indelible memories. Manali to Leh-Ladakh The legendary Manali-Leh Highway is a mecca for road trip aficionados. Spanning about 479 km, this...

leh manali
1 May

Leh-Manali National Highway Reopens After Winter Closure

The 428-km Leh-Manali National Highway has been reopened for vehicular movement, marking a significant development after nearly five months of closure due to heavy snowfall during the winter season. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) successfully cleared the highway, ensuring connectivity between Ladakh and the rest of the country via Himachal Pradesh. Officials confirmed that the closure, which began in November with the onset of winter, has now been lifted following extensive snow clearance operations conducted by the BRO. Teams from the 111 Road Construction Company (RCC) and the 753 Border Roads...

darcha ladakh
29 Mar

BRO Unveils New Route to Ladakh: Third Shortcut from Manali to Leh

In a significant stride, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has reached a milestone with the completion of a 298 km road connecting Nimmu, Padam, and Darcha in Ladakh. This development, amidst ongoing border tensions, marks the establishment of a third crucial axis to the region, alongside the existing routes from Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh. This newly inaugurated road stands as a lifeline for Ladakh, providing vital connectivity, especially in challenging circumstances. It fortifies defense readiness along the northern borders and catalyzes economic growth in the Zanskar valley, effectively addressing both security and...

zanskar valley
23 Jan

Zanskar Valley in Ladakh beckoning adventure seekers

Zanskar, characterized by its rugged terrains and rich cultural heritage, beckons those in search of an authentic Himalayan adventure. Whether it's embarking on treks along frozen rivers, exploring ancient monasteries, or encountering nomadic communities, every escapade in Zanskar etches an indelible mark, encouraging travelers to immerse themselves in the unspoiled beauty of this Himalayan wonderland. The remote and pristine region of Zanskar, nestled within the union territory of Ladakh, unfolds a plethora of unforgettable experiences for 2024. Here are some of the highlights: Trekking through the Frozen Zanskar River - Chadar Trek:The...

Jammu and Kashmir
18 Jan

Khelo India Winter Games 2024 in Gulmarg and Leh

Mark your calendars for February 2, 2024, as Gulmarg, Kashmir, eagerly anticipates hosting the fourth edition of the prestigious Khelo India Winter Games. Reports indicate that various departments are diligently working to ensure that all facilities meet international standards, emphasizing the transformative impact these games have had on establishing Jammu and Kashmir as a prominent winter sports hub. Initiated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Khelo India has become a pivotal force in promoting a diverse sports culture across the country since its launch in 2021. While the summer...

Galdan Namchot Festival
5 Dec

Galdan Namchot Festival Illuminates Ladakh with Joy and Tradition

On December 7, 2023, Ladakh will come alive with the vibrant celebration of the annual Galdan Namchot Festival. This lively event heralds the commencement of New Year festivities in Ladakh, marked by exuberant celebrations and dazzling displays. Known as the festival of lights, Galdan Namchot transforms Ladakh into a spectacle of illuminations. The festival is characterized by the symbolic act of lighting butter lamps, signifying the triumph of light over darkness. Despite the harsh winter conditions, Galdan Namchot brings warmth and joy to the people of Ladakh. It holds profound significance...