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India's Architectural Marvels
15 Nov

Beyond the Taj Mahal: India’s Architectural Marvels

For admirers of the Taj Mahal and its unparalleled architectural beauty, India offers a plethora of remarkable landmarks that stand testament to the country's rich cultural and historical heritage. While the Taj Mahal remains an enduring symbol, these extraordinary structures draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Fatehpur Sikri Located near the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and served as the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1571 to 1585. Well-preserved, it holds historical significance as the place where Mughal emperor Akbar initiated the all-inclusive religion,...

15 Nov

Beloved Destinations in Europe for Travelers

Europe stands as a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural wonders, captivating visitors from around the globe with its iconic landmarks, charming cities, and diverse landscapes. Here, we explore the European countries that have won the hearts of travelers, inviting them to delve into rich histories, savor delectable cuisines, and soak in vibrant atmospheres. Spain With a staggering 47 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Spain boasts a wealth of Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, along with a multitude of festivals attracting global participants. The coastal regions, often likened to tropical islands, add to...

11 Nov

Unforgettable Diwali Getaways for the Long Weekend of 2023

Diwali, the grandest Hindu festival, is fast approaching, bringing with it the excitement of an extended holiday. This year, the Festival of Lights will illuminate our lives with grandeur on Sunday, November 12. The festivities, the mesmerizing decorations, and the cherished moments spent with loved ones are all eagerly anticipated. But with Diwali coinciding with a long weekend, this festive season presents the perfect opportunity for a well-deserved vacation. As the world shimmers with fireworks and diyas, the Diwali long weekend beckons, inviting you to embark on a short journey...

Dhanwantari Temple
10 Nov

Dhanteras Special : सालभर में 5 घंटे के लिए खुलता है देश का इकलौता धन्वंतरि मंदिर

धनतेरस के पावन अवसर पर भगवान धन्वंतरि का सार्वजनिक दर्शन होगा। साल भर में मात्र एक दिन इस मंदिर के खुलने की परंपरा के कारण भक्‍तों को भी खासतौर पर धनतेरस के दिन का इंतजार होता है। इस दौरान महज पांच घंटे ही भगवान धन्‍वंतरि के दर्शन होते हैं। बता दें कि आज काशी के प्रसिद्ध सुड़िया स्थित वैद्यराज आवास में विराजित भगवान धनवंतरी मंदिर के पट 10 नवम्बर को ही खुलेंगे। धन्‍वंतरि निवास में प्रतिस्थापित भगवान धन्‍वंतरि की अष्टधातु की मूर्ति करीब 325 साल पुरानी है। जो भारत में एकमात्र...

The Holy Amarnath Cave
9 Nov

अब कार से सीधे ही पहुंच सकते हैं पवित्र अमरनाथ गुफा

जम्मू कश्मीर में सीमा सड़क संगठन (बीआरओ) ने हाल ही में वाहनों के पहले जत्थे को पवित्र अमरनाथ गुफा तक पहुंचा कर इतिहास रच दिया है। बता दें कि बीआरओ को अमरनाथ गुफा के मार्गों पर सड़क चौड़ीकरण का काम सौंपा गया था। संगठन ने इस काम के पूरा होने की घोषणा कर दी है। बीआरओ ने एक्स प्लेटफॉर्म पर एक पोस्ट में घोषणा की ‘प्रोजेक्ट बीकन अमरनाथ यात्रा ट्रैक की बहाली और सुधार में शामिल है। सीमा सड़क कर्मियों ने कठिन कार्य पूरा किया और वाहनों के पहले जत्थे के...

4 Nov

New Ropeway to Enhance Access to Himachal’s Historic Chintpurni Temple

In a significant development aimed at promoting religious tourism in Himachal Pradesh, plans are underway to construct a 1.1-kilometer-long ropeway to provide easy access to the revered Mata Chintpurni Temple in Una district. The estimated cost of this project is INR 76.50 crore, and it forms part of the state government's broader initiative to connect various religious shrines with ropeways, thereby improving accessibility and enhancing the existing infrastructure. The Mata Chintpurni Temple holds immense historical and spiritual significance as one of the Shakti Peethas, making it a prime candidate for this...

Tamil Nadu
4 Nov

“Brihadisvara Temple in Tamil Nadu: A Glimpse into the Living Legacy of the Chola Dynasty”

The Brihadisvara Temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, stands as a vibrant testament to the enduring legacy of the Chola dynasty, also known as Brihadeeswara or Peruvudaiyar Kovil. This architectural marvel has earned its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and carries a rich history and cultural significance. Here are some intriguing facets of this iconic Hindu temple: 1. UNESCO World Heritage Status: The Brihadisvara Temple has secured a coveted spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list, lauded for its breathtaking architecture, profound religious importance, and cultural beauty. 2. Historical Significance: Constructed...

4 Nov

Kerala to Launch Multi-Language Microsites to Enhance Religious Tourism

Kerala Tourism is taking significant strides in its mission to boost pilgrimage tourism by unveiling a series of microsites. These microsites are not only intended to illuminate the rich heritage of the state but also to emphasize the profound importance of its primary religious destinations. Of particular note is a microsite dedicated to the renowned Sabarimala shrine, designed to cater to a diverse audience by offering content in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. Situated in the Pathanamthitta district, this microsite centered on the hill-shrine seeks to serve as...

Shri Ram Mandir Ayodhya
4 Nov

The Upcoming Ram Temple in Ayodhya to Feature an 8-Foot Gold-Plated Marble Throne for Lord Ram’s Idol

In an exciting development, the forthcoming Ram Temple in Ayodhya is set to unveil an impressive addition - an 8-foot tall gold-plated marble throne for the idol of Lord Ram. Crafted by skilled artisans from Rajasthan, this majestic throne is slated to arrive in Ayodhya by December 15, according to reports. Anil Mishra, a member of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, shared that this ornate marble throne will find its place within the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. "The throne to be placed in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram...

Thiruvananthapuram Kerela
2 Nov

Embrace the Rich Culture of Kerala at the Keraleeyam Festival in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram, the vibrant capital city of Kerala, is currently ablaze with the colors, sounds, and flavors of the Keraleeyam Festival, a week-long extravaganza celebrating the essence of Kerala. This grand festival, which commenced today and runs until November 7, is not just a celebration of the state's cultural heritage but a showcase of its artistic prowess, trade, and much more. Spread across more than 40 venues, the Keraleeyam Festival is a bold endeavor to highlight the remarkable progress Kerala has achieved. The program features an array of seminars, exhibitions, fairs, and...